Monday, October 15, 2007

blog action day for the environment

did you know that today fifteen thousand blogs will be discussing the environment and reaching over 12 million readers? it's a very cool thing so i thought i should participate. check it out for much more information and to see who else is participating:

i think one of the best possible things you and i can do to make this world a better place is to get out of our cars. even if you only walk or bike or skateboard or whatever once a week rather than hopping in your car, it will make a difference. it forces you to slow down and notice what is going on around you. i often find very interesting things when i travel a pied and if you happen to find something like a very clever note, i suggest you send it in to the fellas at found (they were in omaha on saturday night and they are coming to you very soon and i definitely suggest checking them out).

and you know how bad cars are for the environment and how good walking, biking, etc. is for your health so c'mon now, put the car keys down and go enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

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