Friday, June 20, 2008

Omaha City Parks: Grace Young

So, I thought I would visit a few parks around my fair town this summer. First stop: Grace Young Park. It is the closest park to my home and it is a sad little place.

Firstly, who was Grace Young? I couldn't track any information down on the internet. Guess I'll see if I can scrounge anything up next time I pop in at the library. GYP doesn't seem to have much going for it. The location is right off of NW Radial Hwy so there is a lot of traffic noise.

The only facilities were a small playground, a baseball diamond, and one basketball hoop. The park needed to be mowed badly:
According to Keep Omaha Beautiful the park has been adopted, but whomever is looking after it must be on vacation. There was a pile of mismatched shoes in one spot that seemed as if they'd been there for awhile. Bits of garbage and weeds and no flowers dotted the landscape. The park is surrounded on three sides by houses. You think someone would do a better job of keeping it up.

I was there around 9 am this morning and had the place to myself. Hopefully, the city does a better job with the rest of its parks.

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